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Some of the many companies and organisations that have had a great event at Salisbury Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms Salisbury Team Building
Salisbury Escape Rooms Corporate
Escape Room Salisbury Team Building
Escape Room Salisbury Team Building
Escape Rooms Salisbury Team Building
 Escape Room Salisbury Team Building
Escape Rooms are the best team building activity there is!

Yes, it's a  big claim, but our experience and that of other escape rooms completely backs it up. If you want to organise a management team building day or reward a team for excellent performance but don't want the negative effect that 'team building' can sometimes achieve, then Salisbury Escape Rooms is the answer. 

The Escape game can take up to 6 at a time and our office with CCTV can be used by the other participants to watch their colleagues  - once they have completed the rooms. It is excellent fun but also a fascinating insight into group dynamics. 

At times of increased pressure on time, resources and finance, Salisbury Escape Rooms offers excellent value for money. Each team session costs just £66. 

Feedback has been outstanding and many local companies and services have seen the benefit.

Please contact us on 01722 428980 or email us to discuss your requirements.

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What makes Salisbury Escape Rooms so good?

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Salisbury Escape Rooms

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